“Unlike My Opponent, I Pledge to Back Maine’s Shipyards 100%”

BIDDEFORD -- Marty Grohman, a businessman and independent candidate for Congress in Maine's 1st District, today held a press conference in Bath where he pledged to support funding for Maine shipyards 100 percent of the time.

His pledge of 100 percent support is in stark contrast to Rep. Chellie Pingree’s record of voting against Maine’s shipyards. Pingree has voted against critical defense authorization bills that fund more than 11,000 jobs in Bath and Kittery more often than all of her predecessors combined since 1975.

The press conference followed the release of an ad highlighting Pingree’s votes against BIW and PNSY. Take a look at coverage of Pingree’s votes against the shipyard here, and listen to Marty on WVOM discussing Pingree’s votes.

“If Chellie had had her way, Bath Iron Works and Portsmouth Naval Shipyard would have a padlock on the front gates,” Marty said at the event. “I think she’s just too focused on what her party bosses in DC want. That won’t be me. When the people who rely on these good Maine jobs look at my voting record, they’ll see 100 percent. They won’t wonder whether I’ll be there for them that year, or if I’ll be too busy listening to my party bosses to help feed their families.”

Grohman later outlined his top 3 priorities for BIW:

“First, if I’m elected, BIW is so important to me that I’ll open a state office right in Bath. I and my staff will be aggressively focused on what’s going on at BIW at all times and I’ll exclusively dedicate one of my professional staffers to be the point of contact and advocate for Maine’s shipyards.

"I also want to make sure we stop the plague of outsourcing work to other yards and foreign entities. Bath Built is Best Built - 100% of the time. It’s not just a slogan. I’ll be in direct and constant communication with Navy acquisition staff about the fact that we can build every part of these ships here better than anyone else. The Navy needs to know the outsourcing has to stop.

"I also want to put BIW in the best position possible to win upcoming fast frigate work. BIW built Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigates before, and we should build fast frigates again.”

What’s at stake:

These annual defense funding bills represent billions of dollars that fund thousands of jobs at BIW and PNSY, as well as hundreds of indirect support and subcontracting jobs. The closure of either yard would have a devastating impact on Maine’s economy, and the NDAA’s passage is make-or-break for these yards every single year.

Bath Iron Works alone, one of Maine’s largest businesses, employs around 5,600 workers and has a payroll of around $350 million. Portsmouth Naval Shipyard had an economic impact of about $750 million and was home to 6,450 jobs in 2017.

A stark difference between Pingree and CD1’s previous representatives:

As the votes demonstrate, Pingree has so far voted against the NDAA in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, and 2016. Contrast that record with that of all District 1 representatives in recent history: between Reps. Emery, McKernan, Brennan, Andrews, Longley, and Allen, in NDAA votes dating back to 1975, there are only TWO no votes (Rep. Allen in FY2001 and Rep. McKernan in FY1984). Senators Collins, King, and Snowe also have a perfect voting record in support of the NDAA.

Rep. Pingree’s NDAA votes by fiscal year:

  • 2013: Voted No.

  • 2012: Voted No.

  • 2011: Voted No.

  • 2010: Voted Yes.

Rep. Tom Allen’s NDAA votes:

  • Fiscal Year 2009: Yes.

  • Fiscal Year 2008: Yes.

  • Fiscal Year 2007: Yes.

  • Fiscal Year 2006: Yes.

  • Fiscal Year 2005: Yes.

  • Fiscal Year 2004: Yes.

  • Fiscal Year 2003: Yes.

  • Fiscal Year 2002: No.

  • Fiscal Year 2001: Yes.

  • Fiscal Year 2000: Yes.

  • Fiscal Year 1999: Yes.

  • Fiscal Year 1998: Yes.

Rep. James Longley’s NDAA votes:

  • Fiscal Year 1997: Yes.

  • Fiscal Year 1996: Yes.

Rep. Tom Andrews’s NDAA votes:

  • Fiscal Year 1995: Yes.

  • Fiscal Year 1994: Yes.

  • Fiscal Year 1992 + 1993: Yes.

Rep. Joe Brennan’s NDAA votes:

  • Fiscal Year 1991: Yes.

  • Fiscal Year 1990: Yes.

  • Fiscal Year 1989: Yes.

  • Fiscal Year 1988: Yes.

Rep. Jock McKernan’s NDAA votes:

  • Fiscal Year 1987: Yes.

  • Fiscal Year 1986: Yes.

  • Fiscal Year 1985: Yes.

  • Fiscal Year 1984: No.

Rep. David Emery’s NDAA votes:

  • Fiscal Year 1983: Yes.

  • Fiscal Year 1982: Yes.

  • Fiscal Year 1981: Yes.

  • Fiscal Year 1980: Yes.

  • Fiscal Year 1979: Yes.

  • Fiscal Year 1978: Yes.

  • Fiscal Year 1977: Yes.

  • Fiscal Year 1976: Yes.