Maine Sportsman’s Coalition Backs Grohman for Congress

A+ from Sportsmen’s Alliance of Maine, Maine House Co-Chair of Sportsmen’s Caucus

BIDDEFORD -- A coalition of Maine sportsmen today announced its endorsement of Marty Grohman’s campaign for Maine’s First Congressional District seat. Grohman is a strong supporter of Maine’s sporting community and a lifelong hunter.

The endorsements follow the release of the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine’s grade for candidates in the First Congressional District race. Marty received an A+ based on his strong positions in support of Maine outdoor recreation. He is also the co-chair of the Maine Legislature’s Sportsman’s Caucus.

Don Kleiner, Principal at Maine Outdoors and Master Maine Guide, said, "Maine anglers and hunters: Marty Grohman is one of us. He has a deep connection to the land and will work with anyone to make sure those of us who enjoy and work in the woods are well represented in Washington."

James Cote, prominent sportsmen advocate and campaign manager for the successful 2014 ballot initiative that protected Maine’s bear hunt and hunting traditions, said, “Like me, Marty grew up in rural Franklin County. He’s ridden the same roads I have, he’s seen the orange hats on the dashboards of pickup trucks, the anglers at our waters, and he knows how ingrained and important Maine’s outdoor heritage is for so many people. In light of all of the issues that sportsmen and women face today, it’s imperative that we elect a champion for our cause. Marty has long been a supporter of conservation, our rural economy, and our second amendment and he’s the right person to represent the interests of Maine sportsmen in Congress.”

Bill Vail, former Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Commissioner and Land For Maine’s Future Board Chair, and Sen. Dave Woodsome, member of the Maine Legislature’s Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee, also lead the coalition.

Grohman expressed his thanks. “In Maine, the environment and the economy are one and the same. We’re so lucky to have one of the world’s great outdoor traditions here and the members of this coalition have spent their lives enjoying and protecting it. I’m so grateful for the support of these true sportsmen, who have spent their lives protecting and enjoying our state’s natural treasures. I will do the same in Washington.”

Recent days have also seen the release of a coalition of veterans that support Marty as well as a wave of endorsements by senior officials in both parties.

As an Independent legislator, Marty has had great success working with both sides of the aisle. He’s been ranked the most bipartisan member of the legislature, as well as “Legislator of the Year” by both the Retail Association of Maine and the American Legion. He received the President’s Award from the Maine Sheriffs Association, and was named an honorary life member of the Vietnam Veterans of America.

Interested sportsmen can sign up for the coalition at