Watch Marty's New Ad

Marty Grohman, a businessman and independent candidate for Congress in Maine's first district, today released a new advertisement on a serious topic: how his Independent status will allow him to make decisions based on what Maine needs, not what political parties want.


The ad also demonstrates how the passage of Ranked Choice Voting has opened up Maine’s elections to viable Independent candidates like Marty. Marty was ranked the most bipartisan member of Maine’s Legislature during his service as a Biddeford State Representative and is running against two extreme partisans.

In the ad, Marty says “Sending an independent to Congress with the freedom to FIX is imperative to breaking up this legislative logjam. And, BTW, Maine now has ranked choice voting. No longer is a vote for an independent a wasted vote. Fun fact: there are more independents in Maine than either Republicans or Democrats.”

Unite America, a national group that supports Independents, recently released polling in Maine’s first district showing that “by a margin of 47-41%, voters believe that sending an independent to Washington -- rather than a Democrat or a Republican -- would improve the way government works.”

The poll, which indicates a notable level of interest from a national outside group in the CD1 race, also found that a significant chunk of voters (27%) are more likely to vote for Marty because November’s elections will be conducted with the Ranked Choice Voting system.

Check out Marty’s video here.